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Dmart is a top pick when it comes to the Retail stocks and why it has constantly performed read along to learn more.

D’Mart has the highest market cap among its peers it also leads in sales as well as ROE with Dmart under the leadership of Radhakrishna damani is set to grow in future while with a huge as no other competitors stand a chance to not even coming close to dmart in terms of revenue and if it continuous on its growth trajectory it is set to become the Walmart of india although DMart has grown exponentially in the past it has still not penetrated the lower income and rural parts of our country which has been the top playing ground for walmart in the states, In India the that part of the retail sector is still dominated by kiranas in india.

With India’s Economy jumping to 2.7 Trillion GDP did you know Walmarts revenue on 524 billion dollars which is 1 / 5 th of India’s GDP we can imagine that given the growth and population of india to serve its needs of its population if DMart can penetrate the local Kiranas led markets it can tap un imaginable revenues.

Dmart was the top market mover today the total  traded volume exceeding that of reliance DMart surely stands out of the other retail stocks in the Indian Stock Market.

“According to me we can also call it the Retail darling of the dalal street.”

Although Market has been feeling a bit bearish on DMart following its negative results in Q2.And many brokerage houses have put  DMart in the sell region FIIs have still held over 10.3% holdings in the company  which has increased from 4% increase from 6.6% holdings in Dec 2019.

We feel D Mart is a good buy and has a lot of potential DMart could also capitalize on its new e-commerce platform as well as the festival season could mean more revenue generation for the company in this quarter.

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