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Tough stock market situation with India’s GDP -23.9 % is down for this quarter! Our Recommendation Adani Green Rises From the Ashes !Adani Green Grew By 15% this week most of which while Nifty 50 slipped by a steep -2.77 % following the GDP news.

While India’s GDP contraction would have been quite a news for short sellers and panic seller which resulted in majority of stocks falling lower one of the other reason was the over inflated markets following last week 5 consecutive day gain it was only logical that the NIFTY would come under negative pressure of the news.

But still Foreign investment position tell otherwise with rising delivery percentage India’s investment scene still seems to e bright while Nifty came under immense pressure, our recommendations were still able to avoid the pressure with relative ease with our curated efforts of keeping losses to minimal and taking opportunity when it presents itself our profit stays strong at 20%.

While Adani Green stayed our top gainer with rising as high as 19% on Thursday. Some of the top loosers in Nifty 50 this week were, Axis Bank which fell over , SBI and Indusind Bank.%

Recommendations Week 12

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