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Beating Nifty 50 is a habit for us at Stocks Khareedo with cumulative returns of 15% and a bang on mid week call.

If you have subscribed to our email list you would have received a notification saying we wanted you to exit your position on yes bank on Thursday and saved your profits.

As if you stuck with our weekly model you would have received a return of 4.99 % but if you have been following our website and closely looking at stock recommendations you would have made a handsome profit of 5.6% just in a matter of week.

Our Expectation for next week?

As far as this week is concerned we expect Nifty to be bullish and cover up for some of the profits shed during this week. With newer healthcare and pharma reforms announced by

Pm. Modi when addressing the nation from the Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day. Some of the updates on the pharma sector are :-

  1. 3 separate Covid-19 vaccines are undergoing trials.

2. New health I.D cards to be issued to all the citizens of India making healthcare and pharma more accessible to many Indians which did not have access to these services earlier.

Even this week we are out with our new recommendations which are as follows.

Company NamePrice to buyDatemarket cap in CrP/E

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