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Titans Quarterly Results are out Revenue is up by 67% QoQ.

While a lot of major news publications have been highlighting on -35% of Net loss. While the major fact being just omitted is that Titan has got it’s spending back to the pre covid Level’s the only reason why there is a loss declared is because the the titan seems to have a positive outlook as the lockdown has eased up which would mean that the even the sales could be up for the company in the coming times.

Some Analysis And Background On Titan.

Titan has a market cap of 1.08 Trillion and a market price of 1,218 it is among some of the largest companies in India. Titan is also the stock which made Rakesh Junjhunwala one of the top guns of the Indian stock market.

Titan is primarily a Gold and Jewelry making company but also is involved in selling of luxury goods like watches, perfume’s and eyewear.


While the consumer confidence is increasing as there are more recovery and the lowering of the covid cases what feels like is that Titan could do well as the economy gets better.

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