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Tesla stock price jumps by 8% on Tuesday following the announcement that it will be a part of S&P 500 which are which is a index which consists of some of the largest companies in United States.

India’s GDP contraction has for FY21 has been revised to -10.3% from -14.8% by Goldman Sachs as availability of vaccine can normalize the movement of economy by 2022. The actual GDP is predicted to grow by 13% after the contraction for year 2021.

India to become top investment hub for urbanisation, mobility and sustainable development as PM states to deliver 10 million  houses by 2022. Rs 2 lac Cr was invested in to make 100 smart cities of which approximately Rs 1.4 Lac Cr worth projects are near completion or have been completed.

Sensex today saw a newly reported high after a surge of 314.73 settling it to 44161.16 for BSE while Nifty touched a new peak of 12934.05 during the intra- day trade.

 Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine needs an ultra cold storage space creating logistics problem, but Indian government is studying all the possibilities in case if government needs to obtain the vaccine. A vaccine distribution scheme is also being finalized and is on Verge of completion.

Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative bank has managed to attract a new set of investors which are been supported by huge business firms through a management meeting held earlier in November where all the interested and potential investors were invited. PMC bank can be converted into finance bank if the RBI conditions are met. The last date to submit the expression of interest is decided to be 15th December 2020.

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