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Biden Gets the keys to the white house . Keeping faith worked out for Biden.

As we had given a call on Saturday that the sectors benefiting from the elections win would be I.T , Infra and Renewables on Monday and that’s what we saw today!

Nov 7 10:30 PM:World leaders like PM Borris Johnson and Justin Trudueau wish Kamala Harris and Joe Biden on twitter.

Nov 7 9:30PM:Polls stand at 284 for Biden and 214 for Trump according to associated press. Biden Gets the keys to White House. Our call on Infra,Pharma, Renewable energy and I.T sector.

Nov 6 3:12 PM– Biden takes the lead in trump’s strong hold of Georgia.A small state of USA has come to the center of global political universe with Biden taking a lead while he only needs one more state for the keys to white house.

5:30PM: With the lead for Biden there Capital markets seem to be enjoying the outcome as all the stock indices have moved in a positive direction showing Strong support for Biden as it could mean that the US ,China trade war to cease which would mean opening of many supply lines and economy coming back to normal while what was observed today in indian stock markets Nifty Media has taken a leap up and shown confidence while Nifty reality seems to have taken a beating today moving downward by -0.51% .

10:30 Am– Joe Biden confident on victory as Trump moved ahead to the courts to settle scores. Trump movement looks strong on the streets as crowds take it to the roads to show their political support.

7:30 Am– 6 more and its end game for trump as the counting has been a roller coaster ride with either of the candidates looking strong through the day but as the final votes are being counted Biden seems to have a clear majority. As we inch closer to the Results stay tuned to know which stocks / sectors should you pick as the Results are to be announced soon.

2:50 PM : Nifty Pharma has taken the lead for today following positive result in Sun Pharma and with the positive sentiment while in Nasdaq Bank Index seems to be doing pretty well by moving up by 2.65%

2:41 PM– Biden’s campaign official says that that their legal team is ready to take on if Trump moves to court.

2.11 PM- As Trump falsely claims that elections are rigged Dow plunged just shows how important is this election when it is coming to the stock market as it is no secret which are the sectors which are supported by Trump or Biden is clear we bring to you the action in the Financial and Political Arena live.

Biden seems to have a clear lead and Team trump seem to be lagging behind the key states that still remain are having rates as follows.

Swing StatesBiden %Trump %
New Hampshire53.345
North Carolina48.750.1

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