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On yesterday’s trading session
Nifty opened at 11,258 and closed at 11,131 so it was a negative day
According to our strategy we will take a bullish trade as previous trading day was negative.
But following 3 negative days in Nifty we did not take any trade today.

Loss and profits are a part of trading
With Nifty 50 falling over 326 points and sensex falling over 1,114points Nifty 50 falls over (-2.93%)

Top gainers for today were

Hindustan Unilever

Top Loosers for the day were
Indusind Bank
Bajaj Finance
Tata Motors

*FII and DII data
FIIs were negative
Bringing the net FII position to = -1865 cr

While DII were bullish today

Having a net position of 188 cr

Summarizing what can be said is from today’s data is market’s still remains bearish following yesterday’s negative movement and until there will not be a reduction in the corona cases in europe / worldwide market’s are expected to stay negative or flat.

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