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On previous trading session
Nifty opened at 11025.40 and closed at 10836.20 so it was a negative day
According to our strategy we will take a bullish trade as previous trading day was negative

So today we sold 10900 put option at 125 with a stop loss of 50 points ie 175(125+50) and bought at 60
Profit of 65 pts/Rs
Loss and profits are a part of trading
With Nifty 50 gaining over 244 points and sensex falling over to 835 points Nifty 50 falls over (+2.66%)

Top gainers for today were
Bajaj Finserv
IndusInd Bank
HCL Tech
Bharati Airtel

Top Loosers for the day were
SBI Life Insurance

FII and DII data
FIIs were negative
Bringing the net FII position to = -2080 cr

While DII were bullish today

Having a net position of 2070 cr

Summarizing what can be said is from today’s data has moved on a bullish side following positive movement in Dow Jones also news of new stimulus package before the festive season has had a positive impact on the market.

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