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Markets had a cover-up sentiment after yesterday’s 200 points fall.

Nifty opened at 11,727 higher than yesterday’s after the market took a dip at early market hours at 11,667 while making a day high at 11,789 only to close at 11,762 +82 (0.70%) .

Sensex opened at 39,936 while making a day high at 40,125oly to close below 40,000 at 39,982 +254(0.64%).

Key Support And Resistance Levels 

Index Resistance R2Resistance R1Support S1Support S2
Nifty 5011815.411786.611693.511664.7
BSE Sensex140199.540098.939773.239672.6

Key Resistance Level Of NIFTY tomorrow remains at 11786 and support is at 11,693

While for Sensex the key resistance is at 40,098 and support at 39,773..

Gainers and Losers 

While The Top Gainers For The Day Were.Asian paints JSW STEEL and Tata STEEL while the top losers were UPL, HCL TECH & M&M..



While what we can notice in last 2 days FIIs and DIIs have reduced their overall moment resulting to some newer regulations by SEBI for Foreign investors and due to the possibility of a lockdowns across europe.

DateFII BuyFII SellNet Buy/sell (FII)DII BuyDII SellNet Buy/sell(DII)

Sector’s That Moved 

Sectoral Indices :
NIFTY BANK23,533.25223,219.8523,646.2023,148.9523,072.40Sparkline Graph32,613.1016,116.25
NIFTY AUTO7,959.450.37,955.658036.57932.67,935.35Sparkline Graph8,501.154,452.20
NIFTY FIN SERVICE11,512.801.5111,395.9011569.211364.111341.6Sparkline Graph14,747.707,984.20
NIFTY FMCG29,671.050.0929,802.2029,834.0029,546.0529,644.80Sparkline Graph32,644.9022,699.05
NIFTY IT21,538.15-0.1421,638.2521,908.8021,247.5521,567.30Sparkline Graph22,619.0010,991.25
NIFTY MEDIA1,448.85-0.391,461.501,468.951,430.651,454.45Sparkline Graph1,996.20972.95
NIFTY METAL2,329.853.972,252.902,339.652,239.752,240.95Sparkline Graph2,927.951,480.70
NIFTY PHARMA11,814.101.5111,637.4511,854.7011,596.8011,637.90Sparkline Graph12,528.856,242.85
NIFTY PSU BANK1,270.450.341,273.701,280.351,260.351,266.20Sparkline Graph2,737.501,078.45
NIFTY PVT BANK13,023.202.0512,842.7513,083.3012,816.3012,761.00Sparkline Graph18,030.208,487.25
NIFTY REALTY215.12.62210.35215.85208.1209.6Sparkline Graph336.35160.85

While the top gainers today were NiFTY Financial Services and Nifty Metal while the top loosing sector was NIFTY Media and NIFTY IT..

Bulk Deals 

Some of the major bulk deals were made in Route mobile and Lathika for more bulk deals visit.

Top News For The Day 

  1. Pifzer could apply for an emergency vaccine in late November.
  2. HCL tech announces a profit of 18.5 percent this Quarter..
  3. 8 million people have moved into poverty since the pandemic payments have stopped in the USA..

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