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What if we tell you about a small cap company which has constantly delivered strong return on equity in last 10 years.

Jubilant foodworks if you aren’t a regular investor you wouldn’t have come across this company earlier but we are sure you would have used its services earlier especially when you want pizza in 30 minutes… Yes you guessed it right Jubilant foodworks is the master franchise holder of Domino’s pizza & Dunk’in Doughnuts in India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.

Along with being one of the top companies and a upcoming name in FMCG segment with name like chef boss which have shown strong sales during lock-down.Stock has seen constant growth in cash flow in last 10 years.

Jubilant foodworks have gained over 22% since the start of August.Jubilant foodworks gave a return of 84% stock price CAGR in last one year. Making it one of the small cap stocks to lookout for its ROCE of 30% and a CRISIL rating of A1-Plus making it a good investment option.

In conclusion presently Jubilant food works is one of the strong investment options available stock market. We would suggest you look out for the volume and buy in Dips.

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