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RBI to declare RBI latest estimates show indications that the current quarter may be -8.6% growth for India’s GDP.If India is able to show similar growth in upcoming quarter it could mean a V-Shaped Recovery for Indian economy. Although a lot of the downturn in the Indian Informal sector which constitutes a big chunk in the Indian Economy has been unaccounted for.

Barclays bank bullish on India’s growth forcast to 8.5% for its 2022 forecast.Some of the assumptions taken in concideration are if the covid curve in india stays simillar or lesser.

Pfizer to tie up with Indian Government to and to send out 10 crore doses.

Vodafone India (NSE:Idea) to get a 2 billion dollar funding
offer Oaktree Verede.

PNB wants thier consultants wants to sell some thier real estate portfolio.

Beurau of Energy wants to foucus on making data centers grener can be a good news for Adani Group as they are in Business of both renewables and Data centers.

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