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Bitcoin is getting ready to be dethroned as the market recovers from the fear the crypto market has been gaining stem since the last few months but it comes with its own risks its normal in crypto market and for the market to drop by 20-30 % in a day but it is also possible to get 100x returns in a day if you consider one of the trending coins at the moment the SHIBA coin it is up by 1 million % in last one year alone !

Or a young investor Vitalik Butilin selling $1 Billion worth of $AKITA and $SHIBA coins .

Crypto market is crazy unlike conventional stock market it does not follow rules or work with QoQ or YoY basis this is what makes it unique when you are investing your money in crypto market you got to keep your head cool as it is a market with VERY HIGH RISKS AND EQUALLY HIGH REWARDS.

Its as volatile as the penny stocks but on Steroids!!

3 Factors which are most important in crypto market is hype price and logo cuter logos tend to get more popular!

It can make you a millionaire in a day and beggar the other so that’s our disclaimer for today but crypto is all about taking risks but as in stocks the conventional investment long term advice also hold true as such as buy right hold tight and also you can buy at regular intervals like SIP.

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