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On friday ie previous trading session
Nifty opened at 11575 and closed at 11515 so it was a negative day.

According to our strategy we will take a bullish trade as previous trading day was negative
So today we sold 11500 put option at 90 with a stop loss of 50 points ie 140(90+50)
But unfortunately today also was a big negative day and we lost 50 pts today.
Loss and profits are a part of trading
In words if previous day nifty open is less than nifty close, we will take a bearish trade next day by selling call option and if previous day nifty open is greater than nifty close we will take a bullish trade next day by selling put option
But this is a strategy which if we follow with discipline and trade everyday we can come up with good profits at the end of the month.

With Nifty falling over 2.2% today the top gainers today were

3)Kotak Mahindra Bank

When the top lossers were

1)Indusind Bank
2)Tata Motors

Also there were 2 new IPOs launched today about which you can get more info from our article on IPO of


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