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Nirmala Shitharaman Covid-19 is a act of god and economic which may result in economy contraction. But Stock Market is expected to hardly flinching .

As we come to the last trading day of August it we see a strong bullish sentiment in the market as the market have stayed up for 5 days in a row it is a very rosy picture of economy may come to mind. But following the Nirmala Sitharamans words on economic contraction and non clarity on figures the future outlook of the economy looks grim.

Although the the same cannot be said about the stock market as the market seems to be bullish even tho the negative news of job losses and contraction in the tourism sector and many other sectors in India.One of the reason that the market is not getting impacted can be due to industries becoming highly automated as the retails get replaced by e-commerce and workers by robots.

Although with gains in the stock market has made it clear that all seems alright as I.T ,Chemical and Pharma sector seem to be booming .

Here Are A Few Ever Green Stocks That We Buying In Dips Anytime,And The Top Gainers Of This Week To Look Out For Are:-

NamePrice Change in Week

While coming back to the topic of investing Strategies in a Bear Market Are:-

Its A SALE– Bear Market is like a sale for the investors but instead of sale of clothes or electronics its a sale of value stocks.

Sit Back And Relax -If you are in market for the long term and you have been a value investor and you want think it as a intra-day or a short term loss as in long term over a 10-15 year period value stocks will only go up and the short term losses in your account it will just look like a small negative candle on your portfolio.

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