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Newly elected US president states to give priority to defense and security relations with Government of India which was also a key area under Donald Trump’s era as president.
  • PUBG game is planning to back to India through a South Korean gaming firm, PUBG MOBILE INDIA a game specially designed for India. Moreover, the parent company has also add to make an investment of 100 million dollars to facilitate other IT sectors and game industry.
  • Indigo Paint is all set to release an IPO after sending its draft paper to market regulator, the 1000 Cr Rs IPO are listing themselves on the stock exchanges through public issues. The proposal of IPO will play a factor in widening its already existing Manufacturing unit.
  • The next round of auction of coal mine is scheduled for January, till then all the commercial allottees are requested to cooperate to decrease negativity and attract investors.
  • Finance Minister has announced tax relief for selected housing schemes and giving out incentives to people who are in search of jobs, it also contains expenditure for rural job prospects and subsidy for fertility sector. The total amount behind this stimulus is almost Rs 2.65 lac Cr.
  • Government of India has announced a new credit linked scheme which focuses to support 26 sectors which were targeted due to pandemic along with health firms. The above sectors are liable to get an extra 20% credit which can be repaid in term of 5 years. Firms with credit amount of 50-500 Cr will be eligible for loans under latest scheme.
  • Finance Minister highlights a point in her announcement, as per report from Moody’s the GDP of India which was to contract by 9.6 % will contract  by 8.9%  after keeping in the mind the present scenario, which will make India as fastest upcoming economy.
  • Russia claims Sputnik V vaccine shows 92% Efficacy, Sputnik V which is a vaccine in late human trails stage by Dr. Reddy Laboratories.

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