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Nifty is at a highly overbought range, major resistance at  13104.1819

Nifty opened at 12960.3 on monday while the weekly high was and week low was 13145.85 & 12790.4 while the support was placed at 12832.6181 while closing at 13104.1819 .

While Sensex opened at 44164.17 on monday while the weekly high was and week low was 44825.37 & 43582.4 while the support was placed at 43711.01546 while closing at 44660.64454 .

Key Levels For The Upcoming Week

Minor Resistance and the support is expected to be at the 12832.6181 & 13104.1819 levels while Major support for Nifty for the Week is Expected to be at 12748.7319 .


Stocks Recommendations are as follows:-

* stop loss is for reference only you can put it according to your risk appetite

RSI of Nifty through the week

RSI of Nifty is has highly overbought.range from 95 has come down to 75 which is still on a higher side which may stabilize as the market corrects itself.


Sector Move For The Week

Top mover of the week was NIFTY Bank moved by 5.02% & NIFTY Fin Services 4.17%.

FII DII Data For The Week 

F.I.Is have been bullish through the week 19,066 while the D.I.Is were bearish -15,675 .

Bulk Deals On Friday 

Some of the bulk deals on Saturday were in VIKASMCORP ,Tata Steel and MRF to know  visit Bulk Deals.

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