Who are we?

Are you an investor seeking to invest in the stock market? Do you want to be updated with the news of the current fluctuations in today’s market? Are you seeking for a long term investment planning? If yes, then you’re at the right place! Whether you’re a fledgling experienced investor with a big risk appetite, or a newbie looking to enhance your knowledge about the market, we will help take you closer to your goals.

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How Does Our Model Work For You ?

Every week before Sunday 9 am we publish weekly recommendations and once a month we publish monthly recommendations all you have to do is follow our carefully selected stocks and put a buy order on them on Monday every week and close the trade on them by end of the week.

For the long term we give we will be providing you with Monthly reports which will contain the information on how to build your portfolio in the long term over a year.

Our cumulative returns in last 9 weeks Have been around 20%

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