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FIIs have brought the big guns with a whopping 74,741 Cr worth of buy positions just today.

Analysts and Market experts were expecting a GDP of -8.8% for the second Quarter but data from the National Institute Of Statistic’s shows India’s GDP has shown a decline of -7.5% this Quarter which is a recovery of 16.5%  

Now as we had earlier shown in our YouTube video how FIIs have made a move of 50,000 Cr just this month but as we are closing in at the end of Quarter the improvement in India’s GDP is just a statement to show how robust Indian Economy is.

The Reason why FIIs have been so bullish in such a short time is because the FIIs have missed the rally through the COVID just until the end of 20th November to beginning of the year FIIs held a net bearish position . FIIs Net Buy/Sell = -727 Cr.

But now FIIs have an increased participation after the instability in other markets especially after China had shown a great investor participation in ANT groups IPO which was the largest IPO along with India’s strong relations with US could be at the  best as they could have ever been.

Just To Get Things Into Perspective Check Out The Graphs Below

Why Is This Investment a big Deal because today’s buy value equals 5% of FIIs overall buy value through the year, which could mean the beginning of huge deals as the Indian markets have been in a technical recession which translates to a negative GDP growth in the last 2 Quarters.

But many of the big deals are yet to come one of the India’s Economy would start its move climbing higher as the country recovers from the NationWide Lockdown from March to June.

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